Pneumatic Range
With over 50 years experience in the construction of jackhammers, HPV Vistarini is able to offer a wide choice of products which meet with the needs of its customers to include:
Pick and Chipping Hammers
Silenced Road Breakers
Vibration Dampened Road Breakers
Traditional Road Breakers
Vibrators for Concrete
Ranges Available Include:
A - The handles are made of plastic material to further reduce residual vibrations resulting in a more comfortable use of the hammer.

B - Double spring suspension absorbs vibrations that are transmitted to the operator, reducing by 75% compared to a standard hammer.

C - Silencer, built in plastic material, has an ergonomic design that does not obstruct the view of the working point.

D - The air cushion that is formed at the end of the piston stroke, practically eliminates all the harmful repercussions for the joints

E - The tool retainer lever allows quick tool change
Designed and Built with 6 Key Points in mind:-

Quality - A satisfied customer is a loyal customer
Choice - A complete range of pneumatic hammers and breakers to suit most requirements
Ergonomics - A constant search for improved comfort for the operator
Strength - To withstand the heavy demand of the industry
Safety - Designed to not only look good but also to be functional and safe for the user
Accessories - A full range of tools, fittings and pipes
Whilst the hammers have been designed to deliver the power and efficiency necessary in the construction industry, HPV have also given careful consideration to how the hammers interact with the human body (Ergonomics) which is shown in the diagram below:
merous sophisticated elements have been tested within the field, the results of which have given the HPV Vistarini hammer a superior quality as demonstrated in the following diagram:
The Pneumatic Range will not only provide you with outstanding performance and reliability, but also great value for money.